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Broad Interests
Courage, Risk Taking
Creating Balance in One's Life
Creativity, Pioneering (originality, imaginativeness)
Efficient Work Habits
Enjoyment of the Activity Itself
Fame, Success
Hard Work and Commitment
Honesty and Integrity
Openness (being receptive to new ideas or multiple perspectives)
Personal Growth and Learning
Power, influence
Professional Accomplishment
Professional Conduct
Quality (excellent, thorough, accurate, or careful work)
Recognition from One's Field
Rewarding and Supportive Relationships (with family, friends, colleagues)
Searching for Knowledge, Uncovering What is True
Self-Examination, Self-Criticism, Self-Understanding
Social Concerns (pursuing the common good, avoiding harm, caring about future generations)
Solitude, Contemplation
Teaching, Mentoring
Understanding, Helping, or Serving Others
Vision (anticipating future directions, seeing the big picture)
Wealth, Material Well-Being
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